3 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is The Future Of Linkedin

LinkedIn is becoming more relevant in lead generation and outbound sales processes but still only a select few are tapping into its potential.

Many companies have built their process and flow around cold calls and email marketing and it's hard for them to give LinkedIn a real chance because of this.

Like any other form of outbound sales, it takes time to build a solid engine so many people try for a few hours and then go back to what they know when it doesn't work.

Here are three reasons why you need to be using Linkedin more than any other channel.

1. Trust & Credibility

Linkedin shows prospects your face, your job & school history and pretty much everything about you from a professional standpoint which is great as long as you have a good profile that doesn't have cashier and waiter jobs listed as jobs 1 and 2 before this role.

Give your self a pump up, market the real you and fill out your profile with information that will build trust and show authority.

2. Build Network Of Prospects

You should be using up your 1200 connection limit to connect with decision-makers and relevant prospects as you will want them to get to know you and see your posts.

Use the sales Linkedin navigator to filter a list of VP or Directors who have positions that are within your ideal prospect type and connect with as many as possible.

Leave a short note asking to connect because x,y,z.

3. Increase Conversion With Insights

Linkedin provides valuable insights that you will be able to use to pounce at the right time and swoop into your prospects dm with a message that works.

Put out lots of content and always check who viewed, commented, liked it as well as who viewed your page. If someone does this it's a good time to reach out as something caught their interest.

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