3 Tricks To Generating More Sales Leads On LinkedIn

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Every company wants to generate more sales leads, but very few know how to generate good leads on a consistent basis.

Today, we will go over some of our top tricks to generate more leads using LinkedIn.

1. Follow Up With People Who Viewed Your Profile

This is straight forward and a great way to book more sales leads.

Check your notifications and when you see someone viewed your profile, go send them a message right away. Timing is key here because you are top of mind and the prospect must be somewhat interested or curious about your offer if they went out of their way to check you out.

2. Create A Killer Headline

Your headline is important as it is one of the only things a prospect will see when the hover over your picture/ name when they receive a message from you. Make your headline something that tells prospects the value you can offer them but keep this as short as possible.

3. Share Content Consistently

Sharing content is a great way to follow up with prospects and to stay top of mind. Writing your own content is best case scenario, but if you can't, make sure you are sharing relevant content with your network.

If you do this you will be seen as an expert and will probably find prospects sending messages and sliding into your dm.


Reaching out to people who viewed your profile, making sure you have a killer headline and sharing content on a regular basis are three top ways to ensure you have a steady flow of sales leads coming in through LinkedIn!

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