3 Ways To Book More Sales Leads With LinkedIn

.Every company needs sales leads and it's becoming more and more difficult to generate quality ones. The top companies like Mogul Lead Generation are finding success in generating high-quality B2B leads using LinkedIn over traditional methods like email and cold calling.

Today Mogul Lead Generation will be discussing how they use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate high-quality leads.

1. Posting relevant content

Posting great content that attracts prospects is a fine art, but to do this you first need a good size following base. To start, we recommend filling out your profile and connecting with as many people in scope as possible. Aim to connect with 100-200 people per day.

Once you have a good-sized network it is time to start posting relevant content like blogs or case studies that will show your network what they can achieve if they work with your company.

For example, Mogul Lead Generation has customers that receive over 50 qualified sales leads with director level and above contacts per month. Posting case studies showing that certain companies are receiving 80 good sales leads per month and closing 10 deals resulting in 100k ARR of added revenue is one way they attract new clients using content.

2. Messaging Open Profiles

LinkedIn allows users of the Sales LinkedIn Navigator to message an unlimited number of contacts that have an open profile. You can tell if someone has an open profile by the orange LinkedIn badge beside their name.

We recommend filtering a list of targeted leads and then going through the list and messaging the open profiles. A good title for the message is key, opening with a question and then including a call to action are ways to improve the response rate and conversion for each message.

3. Connecting With A Note

Connecting with prospects regularly while adding a note to the connection is huge. Keeping the note simple and direct with giving each person who receives your connection request a clear idea of what it is that you are looking to achieve.

Mogul Lead Generation connects with over 1000 people each day and has booked an average of 10 meetings per day by connecting with a note.


LinkedIn is the future of lead generation because prospects get to know you and can trust you depending on how your profile, message, connection or content is received.

If you are looking to generate more quality sales lead Mogul Lead Generation can help you generate between 20 to 80 qualified leads per month

Visit or send us an email to for more information.

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