3 Ways We Are Helping Businesses Pivot To Maintain Sales During Times Of Uncertainty

Many businesses have found themselves in an uncomfortable position lately, sales have slowed down, many businesses are shutting down shop and very few companies are not in retreat mode... right?

The statement above is correct is some cases and very incorrect in others, as the answer completely depends on what industry we are focusing on as some are in overdrive and others are more negatively affected by the global pandemic.

Today we will be focusing on how we have had success in helping businesses maintain sales and growth by pivoting and shifting our focus to areas of opportunity.

Mogul made the decision to shift our own focus and target businesses in new industries and in under a few weeks were able to close 3 deals and generate a few dozen sales leads.

Below I will go over three important aspects of a pivot and what businesses should be considering when building their plan of action.

1. Focus On Specific Industries That Are In High Demand

There are plenty of industries that have not shut down and actually have done the opposite. Take a look at industries like Healthcare, E Learning, Financial Services, Internet etc. and you'll realize that these businesses are actually growing due to the spike in demand caused by factors like people being at home a lot more, changes in financial situations, health issues, more free time...

I don't want to use the language "take advantage" because that doesn't sound right but there are businesses who would be more likely to buy your product or services if you could shift your value and offer to be able to provide a solution that solves a challenge or satisfies a need for their business.

2. Tweak Your Offer To Align With New Types Of Businesses

Take a look at businesses in these markets mentioned above and think about the possibility of slightly shifting or tweaking your offer, product or services to align your solution with common and current problems faced by these types of businesses today.

We had to turn down the volume of our lead generation offer which was more focused towards fast paced growth and high volume of sales leads to a program built around expertise, consulting, and then a very high quality service with lower volume of leads.

3. Create A New Value Proposition And Lead Generation Campaign

Messaging is the key to really catching the eye of a business or prospect and as you start reaching out to and conversing with a different market, they will not react the same as people and businesses have in the past.

For this to work you really want to maker sure that you fully align yourself with this new market as success and sales happen when their is a perfect fit.

Final Note:

This is the time where businesses are facing more challenges than ever before, but it is extremely important that you dig down deep to regain a positive mindset and then muster up the courage to try something new and potentially a little bit outside the box. Now we are not recommending to reinvent the wheel or to do anything drastic, but in our experience we have seen a lot of good things come from a quick pivot and being agile is a must to navigate these difficult these times.

Mogul Lead Generation offers a pay for performance model which gives businesses a way to get a program up and running with very little up front costs, so if you are looking for new ways to get back in the sales arena feel free to reach out to book a consultation to see if we can help your situation!

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