B2b Lead Generation Tips: 3 Ways To Book A C-Level Executive On LinkedIn

All sales reps and account executives want to be speaking with C level contacts who can make decisions and purchase products when they are interested. Generating a sales lead with a C level prospect can shorten sales cycles and increase the chances of closing a deal as the sales person deals directly with the person in charge.

Many business development reps do not have the expertise to communicate with C level contacts as reps do not understand what these types of prospects want to hear when being pitched.

Today, we will provide three tips to use when trying to generate these types of sales leads that work.

Tip 1- Put Yourself In Their Shoes

If you were a CEO at a company, what would you be interested in? What would matter to you? What types of products would interest you?

C-Level contacts care about the companies bottom line, efficiency, productivity and growth. This means your pitch has to tell them how you can help improve these areas without sounding like a salesman.

Tip 2- Pitch Value

Do not pitch your product and what it does, do not talk about it's features or how they can use it etc.

Pitch value, tell them about how your offer can reduce costs by 40 percent and increase revenue by 50%. Communicate value with numbers and what impact you will have on their bottom line.

Tip 3- Case Study and Numbers

Be direct with your message and get right to the point. Be honest and open but do not leave room for small talk or ask them about there day. Provide numbers and a case study for them to look at and then ask them if they have time to chat.


Booking C level leads is not that difficult once you understand their mentality and what they are looking for. Put yourself in their shoes, pitch value and provide a case study and numbers to help convince them why they should make time for you.

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