B2B Lead Generation Tips For Software Companies To Get More Leads

Prospecting isn't easy, so don't make it more difficult on yourself by not providing enough value and focusing too much on your features when you pitch.

Regardless of the way you are reaching out to products you want to build a message that shows value in as few words as possible while adding some social proof and adding a personal touch.

Here are some tips to build messaging that can be used for emailing, calling or messaging prospects.

1. Know Your Prospect

What does this mean? It means to know what position they are in, what their title is, what industry they are in, how big their company is etc.

Once you know your prospect build a value proposition specific to this person. What part of your offering adds the most value to this exact product? If you are talking to the CEO you want to be quick, talk ROI and anything along the lines of reducing costs/ increasing revenue.

2. Use Social Proof

If you work with software companies let them know "we work with software companies so I'm reaching out to see if you have similar problems/ goals as our clients" or "we work with similar companies like x,y,z ".

This goes a long way in building trust and credibility.

3. Pitch One Offer

Prospects get confused with multiple offers and since you want to seem like the expert you should pitch one offer that is best for them or a company in their situation.

One strong offer is a lot easier to bite on then mentioning the ten different ways you can help them which will make you look like you are throwing everything at the wall and seeing what stick.

In the end, sales reps that know their prospect, use social proof and value, and pitch one strong offer in as few words as possible will get much higher results than the rest of the team that just looks desperate.


Use these three tips to start generating more leads and closing more deals today!

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