B2B Lead Generation Tips: How To Convert A Follow Up Message With Ease

Converting a follow up message can be tricky, but today we will quickly discuss the top ways anyone can easily convert a follow up message into a sales lead/ meeting.

Make Your Title "Follow Up"

The first step into converting any message is to have a good title to get your message or email opened and read. Titling your message with "Follow Up" has shown that it is one of the best title's to get a message opened.

The reasoning behind this is that when someone receives a message with the title being following up, they instantly feel like they missed something important and want to see what it is that they missed.

Also, when you receive a second message about the same thing, chances are it's important since the person took the time to reach out again after being ignored.

Short But Valuable Message

When following up it is important to make sure that your message is short and clearly identifies the point of the reach out.

You want to be friendly but jump right into the point of the follow up and make sure it's as relevant as can be.

For ex:

Message 1

"Just following up to see if you were interested in getting more sales leads?

If so, i'd love to chat.


Daniel "

This message is short and clearly identifies the point of the outreach.

Hit A Nerve With Relevant Info

If the person has previously responded then ghosted you, or if you are looking for an answer to your original message, include something that is important to them.

A few examples would be reaching out to someone who you know just got sued for not being compliant and then writing a message like:

Message 1:

"I wanted to follow up to see if you we're looking to increase compliance of your products after the recent issues companies in your industry have had.

Do you have any time to discuss some options this week?



Another example could be reaching out to a company that is currently hiring sales reps and saying:

Message 2:

"I am following up because I noticed you were hiring sales reps and wanted to go over why I believe outsourcing would be the better route.

Do you have any time to chat?




Following up can be challenging, but we have found that the response and booking rate is much higher than when compared to message 1.

If you use a good title, keep your message short and to the point and include relevant information, you will have a good chance of converting on your follow up message!

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