B2B Sales Tips: 3 Ways To Book Sales Meetings With Decision Makers Using LinkedIn?

Today, every company wants their sales reps to book more sales meetings in order to show off their product of offering.

The trick is, it is hard to book sales meetings that actually convert into anything and reps are finding it harder than ever to get in front of decision makers who can actually make the decision to buy if they like what they hear.

Today, we will be going over how Sales teams and reps can use LinkedIn to get in front of decision makers and book them onto meetings.

1. Build A Solid Profile

Your appearance and personal brand are everything when it comes to booking sales meetings and getting decision makers interested enough to want to hop on a call.

Fill out your profile with relevant information that portrays you as an expert, someone they can trust and also an authoritative figure. Use social proof and highlight what you have done for companies in the past and try to get a few testimonials to back that up.

Here is a video that will help you build your profile correctly on LinkedIn:

2. Build A Killer Network

Your network on LinkedIn is extremely important as one of the easiest ways to book a sales meeting is by having someone in your network reach out to you. I've received a sales meeting invite almost every time I share a blog or post some sort of content relating to lead generation and this is one of the easiest ways to book sales meetings that actually close.

Here is a video that will discuss how to build a killer network:

3. Send Open Profile Messages

Sending open profile messages is only available to you if you have the sales navigator feature. If you don;t have it already I suggest you go out and purchase it today as it gives you the ability to message anyone on LinkedIn who has an open profile and there is no limit to the number of messages you can send per month.

These people want to be messaged or at least don't mind it if they are open, so create a message that speaks to them and you have a good shot at booking a meeting!


LinkedIn is the top channel for B2b sales and prospecting and our sales reps average over 2 sales meetings booked per day. If you put time into your LinkedIn profile, network and then send personalized messages to the right people, you will start filling up your calendar with sales meetings instantly.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us about our LinkedIn Lead Gen services and training/ workshops, contact us at or visit

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