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About Mogul Lead Generation

Mogul Lead Generation, LLC is an outsourced business development and sales company dedicated to helping software start-ups accelerate growth through targeted, personalized and data-driven lead generation campaigns. When you hire Mogul Lead Generation you receive a team of experienced sales leaders who have been key contributors to the rapid growth and success of over 25 software companies around Ottawa, Canada and North America.

Mogul Lead Generation’s innovative approach to lead generation focuses on building and executing quality outbound sales campaigns that are driven by data, personalization, and results. We understand that each start-up has different needs, requirements, and resources which is why we personalize each program and offer everything from outsourced services, consulting and training.

Mogul Lead Generation's Philosophies:

  1. We believe that each client’s success is our success.

  2. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and innovative resources.

  3. We establish and integrate effective systems into all of our procedures.

  4. We diligently incorporate process improvement in every activity.

  5. We understand the importance of data and use past results to continuously improve each process

  6. We constantly train people and actively manage processes.

  7. We believe in transferring information into knowledge and knowledge into focused efforts.

Mogul's Highlights & Statistics- October

Here are some statistics and highlights from Mogul Lead Generation in 2019.

Number Of Leads: 77

Top Leads: Bed Bath & Beyond, Whirlpool, Samsung, Fit Bit, Juul, KitchenAid, Adidas

Leads Closed: 12

ARR Generated: 150k ARR

# Of C Level Leads: 29

Enterprise Leads: 41

Client Growth %: 37%


Mogul Lead Generation provides high quality b2b lead generation services for companies looking to crush goals and dominate competition.

Mogul can help your business increase revenue, accelerate growth or improve brand recognition quickly and efficiently.

If you would like to learn more or speak with an expert please visit us at

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