How SaaS Startups Can Use Lead Generation Improve Brand Awareness

All SaaS startups want to increase brand awareness and become a household name. The reality is that as a new business many people and companies have never heard of you. Today we will be discussing how startups can use lead generation to do more than just book sales meetings and generate leads but also to improve brand awareness.

One of the key traits of a good lead generation process is reaching out to lots of people and companies. One person can reach out or touch at least 1000-3000 people per day if not more depending on your process. Each time you reach out to a prospect to pitch your product or services what you are also doing is improving your presence and introducing your company to the world.

We are going to look at a few different ways you can help improve your brand awareness through lead generation and show you how each touchpoint can be considered a win in your early days.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is one of the oldest lead generation channels of lead generation and it is great because of the number of people you can touch in a day. One of the best things about email marketing is that you can add a link to your site in your email signature and also attach a one -pager about your company to the email.

While you may not get a response or you may receive a no from a prospect, they still may click your site or read your content and become more familiar with your brand than they were before. Check out this link to learn some of the other benefits email marketing can have for a startup like how email marketing can help you get your first 5 clients.

Social Outreach:

Social outreach is another great way for a startup company to get brand recognition and increase its brand awareness because similar to email, you can also add a link to your company site in your email signature.

Another benefit is that when you send a message to someone on let's say LinkedIn, the prospect is very likely to check out your profile and maybe even click on your company page. It is important to make sure that your company page and personal profile are professional because you will have a lot of people checking out these pages before responding to your message.. or not.

Check out this blog post that discusses how you can get your first 5 clients using LinkedIn

Cold Calling

Cold Calling is another one of my favourite channels for lead generation but for brand awareness, it might not be as good as emailing or social messaging because of less volume. The one benefit to cold calling over the previous two channels is that you can personally introduce your brand to each person you speak with.

You might not convert a prospect into a lead or book the next step, but you will be able to introduce your brand and what you offer. You should always ask for consent to send a follow-up email or send over some content that will provide more information on your company and how you might be able to help.


Startup companies need to find ways to increase their brand awareness early on and making a name for yourself is important if you want to achieve long term success. Every company begins in the same position but those who have a good lead generation process can speed up the process and become a familiar brand much more quickly.

We recommend all startups to take advantage of the three ideas listed above to improve sales and also brand awareness as quickly as possible.

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