How To Use Job Postings On LinkedIn To Generate Sales Leads

Every company is looking for new ways to generate sales leads and today we will be showing you a tip on how to generate quality sales leads by using the job postings feature on LinkedIn.

Step 1. Search Job Postings

Searching job postings on LinkedIn is broad, we want to focus on job postings that relate specifically to something your company sells. To give you an example, a lead generation company may look for job postings around Business development reps.

This tells us that companies are looking for more sales leads as they are hiring Business development reps to do this for this in house.

Step 2. Find hiring manager On LinkedIn

Find the hiring manager or the person who posted the job and is receiving applications. We will be pitching to this person so their LinkedIn profile will help us do that.

Step 3. Pitch Why Your Better

Pitch to this person why hiring is not ideal and why they should contract your business instead. For example, we might tell someone hiring business development reps that we can provide more expertise, better results and come in at a fraction of the cost.


Job postings can be a good way in to generate a lead and get a new customer. People posting jobs are looking for something and may not know that your company exists. Pitch them why they shouldn't hire and why you can provide a better solution for this problem.

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