LinkedIn Lead Generation For Dummies: Building Your LinkedIn Profile

Our new training program " LinkedIn Lead Generation For Dummies" is designed for sales reps, teams and companies looking to build a better lead generation process to generate more high quality B2B

sales leads that convert.

Filling your sales pipes with leads that actually close, booking meetings C-Level prospects, and getting in front of decision makers is the goal of every companies lead generation team but many have to settle for far less.

LinkedIn is becoming the number one option for Business Development teams and companies that want more leads at a lower cost and companies using LinkedIn are seeing 2-5x better results than those that are still cold calling and sending emails.

Today we will be focusing on the first step to building a lead generation program which is creating/ building your profile for success.

Images and Photos:

Using a professional photo taken in the past two years is your best option for your headshot photo. Your background image can be a slogan, value prop or as simple as your logo. These photos will be the first thing prospects see so make sure you build trust and get your message across.


Job title, company and a few words describing why people should listen to you. Tell prospects in 3 words why they should book a meeting with you and be excited to talk.

About Section:

Use this section to tell your story and allow prospects to get to know you. Describe how to got started, how you fell in love with what you do, some career highlights and how they can contact you. There is no right way to build out this section so get creative and be personable.


Consistent activity from publishing articles to writing and sharing blogs, to likes and comments all promote your brand and help your build your identity. Aim for 2 posts per week and try to stay consistent with engagement.

Job Experience

This section is straight forward, but make sure you provide relevant a relevant list of your revent jobs, what you did, and list a few highlights in each role.


List your education and any achievements or special accomplishments.

Skills & Endorsements

Fill out this sections with your skills and try to match these with what prospects would be looking for. Finish this section of with having colleagues or clients endorse these skills to gain trust.


The most important part of your profile is this one. Having testimonials let's other people sell for you so do whatever you can to get clients or past clients promote you and your brand.


A Complete and detailed profile that provides relevant information will help you build trust, gain authority and show your expertise which will help your run a successful LinkedIn lead generation campaign.

Check out Mogul Lead Generations latest YouTube video which walks you through each of these 8 profile sections and goes into more detail to help you create the ideal profile.

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